Conversion Based Digital Marketing


Our digital marketing agency is dedicated to increasing your engagement on all of your online platforms and converting more of your audience into buyers.

Our content and training deliver modern digital marketing strategy through data, testing, and proven techniques.

We train organizations on how to use organic and paid social media marketing strategy, automation, email marketing, copywriting tactics, online customer experience, and more.


Meet Our Founder


Sean McCool is the founder of Sean McCool Consulting and has 34 years experience in creating sales and marketing campaigns that convert. He brings his award-winning sales and copywriting background into the corporate digital marketing arena. He and his team advise corporations with a unique eye towards conversion and robust customer experiences.

He’s worked with many different types of organizations to implement high performing, conversion-based digital marketing strategies and tactics. He’s helped organizations all over the world grow their online audience and turn visitors into customers and clients.

What started as a desire to build businesses using digital marketing strategies has grown into a full digital marketing, lead-converting, agency that gets results. We work hard to help our clients convert some of the $4.3 trillion dollars that’s spent online. 

What We Do...

We help companies and marketing departments understand how to grow their online presence and sales in an ever-changing world of new digital media.

We pride ourselves on delivering tactical content, training, and digital marketing strategy that delivers results. Our clients hire us to consult their marketing teams, marketing directors, and build their online strategy to increase conversion. 

Our goal is to help you understand and implement the latest digital marketing strategies so you stay at the forefront of your industry for years to come. We can you show you how to reach more of your customers.

FREE GUIDE: 10 Copywriting Templates You Can Use in Any Marketing Campaign

People buy for emotional reasons—the data shows that over and again. Understanding how to communicate accordingly in your marketing campaigns is an effective strategy to increase your audience online and convert them into sales.

This guide will give you ten high-converting templates that turn any marketing campaign into a revenue-producing pipeline.

Grow your audience online and convert more sales with this easy to use reference guide...

Use thes templates to writer better digital marketing campaign copy  faster.
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