When our conversation begins, 

my world stops and yours takes flight.

I partner with extraordinary men and women to create beyond extraordinary in their life.

We do this through a committed partnership and powerful conversations. These conversations are focused around a specific and powerful set of fundamental principles embraced by many of the worlds most extraordinary, powerful, certain, joyful, effective and possibility minded people.

Should you choose to embrace them, these principles will allow you to get clear, get moving and get reconnected to your true north so that you become a living, breathing demonstration of what’s possible to those around you.

And by being a demonstration of what’s possible in every area of life you will begin to make a difference unlike anything you can currently imagine. You will begin to recreate your life to beyond extraordinary.

It’s a big promise. And, together in a committed partnership, I assure you we can not fail.


If you you desire to become engaged in a powerful partnership fueled by conversations based on the equipping principles of transformation, possibility creation and empowered action

…then I invite you to schedule a conversation where we will take a look at how you currently show up in your life.

Once we’ve evaluated how you are currently showing up, we will then commit to what direction we would take to create the beyond extraordinary life you want.

These extraordinary partnerships are highly transformative, require a one-year commitment and are limited to 10 extraordinary men and women per year.

My investment is as follows:

  1. To show up and engage powerfully with you in every single communication over our time together.
  2. To create a powerful space where possibility and committed action are common.
  3. To equip you with the principles of possibility, transformation, creation and intention based action.
  4. To empower you to step into you life beyond extraordinary.

Your investment is as follows:

  1. 50 weekly phone or video conversation of up to 90 minutes each.
  2. Four in person sessions (minimum) where you come to me at a location to be determined.
  3. Total commitment to the process for the entire one year. 
  4. Investment of $50,000 up front. No refunds.

Serious and committed individuals only please.

To continue or begin our conversation about what creating beyond extraordinary would look like for you, contact me at: GetResults@SeanMcCool.com