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10 Copywriting Templates You Can Use in Any Marketing Campaign

People buy for emotional reasons—the data shows that over and again. Understanding how to communicate accordingly in your marketing campaigns is an effective strategy to increase your audience online and convert them into sales.

This guide will give you three high-converting templates that turn any marketing campaign into a revenue-producing pipeline.

Use these 10 Templates to grow your audience online and convert more sales with this easy to use guide.

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Use thes templates to writer better digital marketing campaign copy  faster.

Customers are willing to pay more...

Customers are willing to pay a price premium of up to 13% (and as high as 18%) for luxury and indulgence services simply by receiving a great customer experience online.

Sean McCool is our founder and a consultant with three decades of experience creating sales and marketing campaigns that convert.

He is an award-winning copywriter and a highly-sought-after digital marketing consultant with a powerful approach to advising clients.

He’s worked with many different types of organizations to implement high performing  digital marketing strategies and tactics that convert. He and his team help organizations all over the world grow their online audience and turn visitors into clients.

Sean McCool, Digital Marketing Consultant
Sean McCool, Digital Marketing Consultant

Better ConversionS ARE Possible...

Surveys reveal only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

If you're in the other 78%, we can help your team create a better digital conversion strategy. 

"In my business I often need to hit the reset button. This presentation pushed my reset button."

~ Don B., Country Places Inc

"I learned a lot."

~ Cindy R., International Accents Travel

"Well organized and practical with great tips on improving email communications."

~ Mary W., PrimeFit

"I watched the training this morning, it's fantastic."

~ Kaye P., Brand Strategist

"You killed it with that content. Thanks for helping me level up and for all your help. I wouldn't be making this type of progress without you."

~Mark G., American Academies of Martial Arts

"A conversation with [Sean] is like a gold mine, there is so much value."

~ Setema G., Superbowl Champion, Author, Podcast Host, Executive Coach. 

"Challenging, exhilarating, occasionally frustrating and absolutely, positively worth every minute - I couldn't be more grateful, more satisfied, or more excited for the future."

~Jane S., Like A Pro Video

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