1:1 Life Coaching - One Year, $100,000 and Up.

Reserved for highly committed individuals who understand and value a long-term coaching relationship. This is for those who want to dance and play and, on occasion, wrestle with the universe and all it has to offer. This level of coaching is about creating, not improving. What you experience will depend largely on what you are willing to experience. Any and all areas of life are in the field of play. There are no guarantees, no contracts, no refunds, and no excuses at this level. Fee is paid in advance, in full.

Sean McCool’s 40-Day, Life R.E.S.E.T. Program - LIVE - $5,000

Offered in a small, group-coaching format (maxed at 10 people), this 40-Day reset invites you to take a close look at your life, question everything, and then create what you really want for the second half of your life. The program is based on “The 10 Invitations” framework I’ve developed over the last decade. New sessions start on the 1st of each month.

Sean McCool’s 53-Minute Breakthrough - One session. $500

Identify and eliminate your biggest block in one session. This is as close as it gets to a “magic bullet”. This is also a sneak peek into one of the many life-changing tools we use in our other programs.

McCool School - $150/month

An ongoing, group coaching platform designed to be a consistent reminder of all that’s possible for you. Includes LIVE calls, open office hours, monthly training, special guest experts, self-study library, event discounts, recommendations, and more.

Guides and Mini-Courses - $5 and up.

No matter what area of life you need help improving, we’ve got a guide or course that can help you apply time-tested truths to your life.